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Please price the following delivered to site.

Type Material Unit Quant Price 1
Aggregate 10mm single size pea gravel m3 130
Aggregate Sharp sand (0-4mm); BS EN 12620 m3 77
Aggregate m3 289
Concrete C30/37 concrete m3 93
Concrete ST5 m3 100
Reinforcement A393 reinforcement mesh m2 1515
Formwork Ply shuttering m2 293
Skips 8yd skips; 3.7m x 1.8m (to remain permanent) ea2
Drainage 150mm uPVC twinwall pipe m373
Drainage 150mm uPVC twinwall connectors ea62
Drainage 150mm uPVC twinwall sealing rings ea124
Drainage PVC Inspection Chamber; 450mm diameter w. 300x300mm clear opening ea9
Drainage 300x300mm D400 Inspection Chamber cover ea9
Drainage 1200mm dia concrete chamber ring; 1m depth ea6
Drainage 1200mm dia concrete chamber cover ea3
Drainage 600x600mm D400 manhole cover and lid ea3
Drainage 90mm dia Poly-Flo pipe; IPS Flow Systems or similar m 155
Chambers Centurion Access Chamber; product code 9490030; 290 x 275mm; depth 320mm ea123
Chambers Centurion Anti-Slip Chamber Covers; 290x275 ea 123
Chambers Centurion Galvanised Steel Frames; 290x275 ea123
Ducting 100mm uPVC duct; Aqua 4TDK or similar m930
Total Type 1 Back Fill (T) 3359T MOT T3359
Total Pea Shingle (10mm) (T) 3359T 10mm single size pea gravel T3359
Total Sand (T) 161T Sharp sand (0-4mm); BS EN 12620 T161
Total Concrete (m3) 341m3 (grade C30/37) m3 341
Total Thick Dry Mix Concrete (T) 744T

Building materials RFQ to be delivered to GU22 7PX

Purchase date: as soon as possible