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I want to buy gate, 493.5 cm

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I want to buy the gate.

Currently, it is made of mesh fence, wire 4mm, height 150 cm. The outer diameter of 7.5 cm fi bars. Instead of two bays to be inserted mesh gate. The fence is located in the southern part of Warsaw.

The offer should include:
- Delivery of the double-leaf gates filled with galvanized wire mesh 4 mm thick. The border of the closed section painted in black.
- Removal / excision pillar
- Fixing extractor grid on both sides (outside of the gate) and attachment of the grid
- The distance between the posts is 493.5 cm (it is called. "Light gate").
- Weld method hinges and fill the new gate
- Execution of the existing concrete the central pillar element for fastening spans the middle

If in doubt, please contact us.

Completion date: as soon as possible

I'm waiting for the offers.