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I need laying the foundations for a winter garden, 364x257 ft

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I need the foundation for the winter garden sizes 364 x 257 ft.

Scope of work:
1) disassembly and deportation of an old wooden structure of the terrace
2) performance of reinforced foundation vertical depth of frost penetration, it is at least 120 cm
3) insulation against moisture and foundations
4) performance of layers under the floor
- kicking,
- replenish and density of the layer of gravel mix 10 ft,
- replenish and density of the concrete layer 15 ft ,
- polystyrene insulation 10 ft ,
- distribution of heating,
- execution of joint ,
- execution of the floor screeds
5) price includes the cost of materials, labor, equipment operation, transportation, export containers.

Completion date: as soon as possible from 2013-09-06

I'm waiting for the offers.